BRAIN WAVES & DNA            by W.E.B.
Meditation is a must for those who are searching for answers to today's problems. During
meditation it is important to slow the brain functions down below the normal waking state
(BETA) but not to where you drift to sleep (DELTA).  The ideal and most productive frequency
is the THETA state.  Here is some information on the frequencies of brain waves and the body's
ability to receive them:

BETA: 15 to 38 cycles per second. BETA is characterized by a high state of alertness
and active consciousness.  This is our normal waking state.

ALPHA: 8 to 14 cycles per second. Alpha is related to relaxed wakefulness and light
meditative states.  A person is aware of his or her body, accelerated learning happens due
to less stress around learning.

THETA: 4 to 7 cycles per second. Theta is associated with trance-like mental, visual or
imaginative states, deep meditation, light sleep mental states, and most aspects of creativity.  
In Theta there can be visual images, and possibly little or no sense of the physical body.  A
person may experience his body as an energy field or as body parts floating but not
connected.  The experience one has during Theta activity seems to be the most prolific.  
Theta is the ideal state for some types of self-programming, accelerated learning, and

DELTA: .5 to 3 cycles per second. Delta usually relates to deep sleep.  In the lowest
levels of Delta, there are no mental images and no awareness of the physical body.  Some
meditators experience a deep meditative state;  asleep yet fully conscious.  Reports indicate
being aware of self, as still awareness, not as a person or a body.

We are talking about very low frequency waves.  The length of antenna needed would be
astronimically long.  Calculations can be made to find the length of an antenna needed to
recieve low frequencies.  The wavelength of the antenna is related to the inverse of the
frequency.  (High frequency requires a short antenna; low frequency requires a long

Within each cell nucleus there are 46 chromosomes.  Each chromosome is composed of
multiple genes, each of which is responsible for one discreet biological function.  The
combining of chemical pairs from which the genes are made, form the DNA ladder.  If one
thinks of a chromosome as a long passenger train, each car in the train would be a separate
gene and each passenger, a distinct piece of DNA.

The totality of the genetic blueprint that gives instructions to create all life possible is called
the genome.  The genome is the total gene complement of an organism, and is contained in
the inside of the nucleus of each cell.  The length of one complete genome is about six feet.  
If you have some thirty trillion cells in your body and decided to stretch out all your DNA
into one single line, it would circle the earth about 5 million times (that's a long antenna
capable of recieving very low frequencies!).

In addition to each chromosome's
physical two-strand (double helix) of DNA, there are at
least five pair (ten strands) that are virtual and need to be activated into our
third-dimensional physical framework.  This will complete the twelve-strand DNA of the
new creation man.

Two strands of Communication: (Blue) Speech, Matt. 17:20, Mark 11:23, say
ereo; from Greek2036, epo; def. past tense, by word a writing, bid, answer,
bring word, call command, unto this mountain.  The centurion said; speak only, Matt. 8:8.  
Also, Matt. 16:19, Whatsoever things you
bind Greek1210, deo; knit, tie, wind, demand,
request or beg; or loose Greek3089,
luo; to loosen (lit. or fig.) break up, destroy, dissolve,
melt, loose or put off.  Isaiah 45:11,
Command Hebrew6680 teavah, to constitute, enjoin,
appoint, (for) bid, (give a) change, in, send a, messenger, put, set in order.  These are the
strands that communicate and resonate with all existing life forms within and beyond the cell.
 Cell to cell, mind to cell, and healer to cell communication is possible.  The conscious intent
of the heart (spirit), mind, and body exchange information, interacting via tones whereby the
intent of the soul is recorded in the physical body.

Two strands of perfection: (Violet) Be ye perfect, Matt. 5:48.  Perfecting of saints, Eph.
4:12.  These strands make the never-ending quest for health, perfect cell replication,
healing, and expansion of the light body.  These strands recieve and hear the command to
heal and return to the immune system to balance it.  These strands maintain the perfection of
the Divine Blueprint within each cell.

Two strands of E-motion: (Light Red or Pink) Cell division of joints and marrow according
to the thoughts and intents of the heart.  
Intent, Eph. 3:10, Heb. 4:12, thoughts Prov.
23:7, as a man thinketh so is he.  These strands contain cellular identity and resonance,
initiator of cellular expansion, ultimate expression of happiness, joy and bliss.  They are the
Energy activation for truth and trust.  These "energy-in-motion" strands process all
psychological and emotional commands and cellular memory.  They assist in identifying and
releasing emotional blocks and life traumas.  When the cell achieves its' optimal state, these
strands make it possible for the cell to produce its' own light energy.

This is some interesting information regarding meditation...which is simply
getting quiet and listening within one's heart.  Also, W.E.B. gives some
thoughts regarding DNA with relation to brain wave frequencies.
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