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Jesus Religion: Bad Religion in Jesus' Name!
Ideas Of God: Traditional Christianity Makes No Sense
Jesus Religion: Bad Religion in Jesus Name
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                                                              by LC

This writing is intended to provoke thought regarding traditional christian doctrines concerning
God.  Simply stated, the traditional views about God and his relationship with man do not make
sense. Therefore, I have taken the liberty to use some excerpts of very good questions posed by
an atheist at (and with his permission) to cause the reader to re-think his or her
religious beliefs. The atheist comes up with some great questions and thoughts to consider,
regarding the traditional views of God.  I have not posted all of his writings because I cannot
totally agree with all of his conclusions, as my personal experiences have proven to me the
Divine Spirit does indeed exist.

1) We are commonly taught that we are fallen, broken and less than perfect.  Man-made religion
teaches that we must do something to fix this - or rather we must do something so God can fix
this condition we find ourselves in.  This is the predominant theme in all pagan rituals; make a
sacrifice of some sort to appease the vengeful gods.  However, the atheist makes a very good
point about perfection: can perfection ever come out of the imperfect?  In other words, if we are
imperfect, can we ever become perfect?  Listen to his words about God being perfect and apply
the same to yourself:

"What did God do during eternity before He created everything?  If God was all that existed back
then, what disturbed the eternal equilibrium and compelled Him to create?  Was He bored?  
Was He lonely?  God is supposed to be perfect.  If something is perfect, it is complete - it
needs nothing else.  We humans engage in activities because we are pursuing that elusive
perfection, because there is disequilibrium.  There is nothing He needs, nothing He desires, and
nothing He must or will do.  A God who is perfect does nothing except exist."

Did God create this mess we find ourselves in? What if this world we find ourselves in is like a
dream created by our minds? And what about ourselves? If we are to become perfect, we must
first be perfect. One cannot create perfection out of imperfection.  For God is perfect and
perfection is eternal. Therefore, let's apply the truths of God to ourselves...what if we are already
perfect in Spirit...eternal, yet are unaware of our perfection because we do not see or understand
this, yet? Could this be "the fall" that occurred in the garden, when man was perfect and at one
with God? Did man simply fall "in his mind" and become less than perfect, in his mind - believing
the lie of separation from Spirit and trapped by illusion?  What if we are all perfect in spirit and
simply need to come to the knowledge of that truth?  Could that be what Jesus saw and
understood, thus, walking in power and wisdom not known by any other man?  More thoughts
from the atheist:

"If something is perfect, nothing imperfect can come from it.  Someone once said that bad fruit
cannot come from a good tree, and yet this perfect God created a perfect universe which was
rendered imperfect by the perfect humans.  (If that be the case) the ultimate source of
imperfection is God...a perfect God who creates imperfect humans is impossible."

Great point the atheist has! Yet, there has to be an eternal truth...and that truth is God.  So,
again, let us consider ourselves in light of traditional christian teachings.  If we are all part of God
(and we are), nothing imperfect - nothing temporal can come from the perfect, eternal God.  
Therefore, we must be eternal and perfect (in spirit). We are spirit beings who have not identified
with our true nature - spirit.  Our spirit is part of God and God is part of us.  Our bodies are not
who we really are.  Kill the body and the spirit...the soul still exists. We are eternal and perfect in
spirit, but our minds have told us otherwise. Therefore, it is necessary for us to follow our
heart...where the spirit of truth speaks and know that we are not bodies, but spirits.  If we follow
our minds, we will not perceive the truth.  Just because our mind believes something, does not
make it true.  Have you ever experienced making a mistake in judgement by following what your
mind told you to believe, only to find out later you were wrong?

2) Regarding an eternal hell, there is much to write here about that.  I will first share some of the
great thoughts from our atheist and further expound on his points:

"A perfect and omnipotent God who creates beings capable of ruining their own happiness is
impossible. ...God could have created humans with freewill who did not have the ability to
choose evil, but to choose between several good options.  God is omniscient (all knowing).  
When He created the universe, He saw the sufferings which humans would endure as a result of
the sin of those original humans.  He heard the screams of the damned.  Surely He would have
known that it would have been better for those humans to never have been born (in fact, the
bible says this very thing), and surely this all-compassionate deity would have foregone the
creation of a universe destined to imperfection in which many of the humans were doomed to
eternal suffering.  A perfectly compassionate being who creates beings which He knows are
doomed to suffer is impossible."

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