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Jesus Religion: Bad Religion in Jesus' Name!
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Jesus Religion: Bad Religion in Jesus Name
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                                                                by LC
It Is Finished Cont'd...

Christ, truth, God, Spirit wants to reign on the throne of your heart, once again.  You are part of
the Spirit's kingdom for the Kingdom of God is within you. Everything is within you! We killed and
buried C
hrist, now let us resurrect that oneness in us.  The Divine cannot become to us anything
beyond what w
e believe, or better yet, know Spirit to be.  Our self-created tribulation...hell
eventually brings u
s back to truth.  There is an old testament passage (Hosea 13)
which paraphrased states, "You worship false idols (wrong beliefs of who y
ou are).  (Because
you do this)
Then, I will become a lion and a bear to you, and will tear you with sharp teeth until
you come back to me and leave your false gods."  Religion is that lion and bear.  God can only
become who you believe t
he Divine Spirit to be; and if you believe untruths, those self-created
untruths will tear at you until you eventually leave them behind.  The truth is S
pirit is love and
never a punisher.

Hell and death are separation from S
pirit in your mind. You created it, not some god!  In the New
Jesus refused to call a little girl and Lazarus "dead."  He called them "sleeping."  
They were not awake yet, to the truth of who they are.  Jesus
' idea of death is different than ours,
then.  No one is
ever truly dead.  They are just sleeping.  Jesus considered true death to be
those who were unaware of their oneness with Spirit.  To him, those same people were
considered dead to the fact they are more than physical bodies; they are spirits.  
Resurrection or
rapture c
an be defined as coming back to the knowledge of the truth of this oneness with Spirit.
So, who
in the hell is Christ?  (pun intended!)  Christ is God and man as one...knowing and living
in that knowledge.  Even in our temporary state of separation, that oneness c
an never change.  
We have to repent
...change our minds to bring them into alignment with the truth.  We need to
simply seek within the truth
already there which is just waiting on us to be known once again.  
It's about doing nothing and just being one with S
pirit.  You and your heavenly Father, Spirit, are

The truth of who we are must reign on the throne
s of our minds. Consider that these following
words used in the Bible may mean something different than what we have i
nitially been taught:

Repent = To change your mind                      Sin = To simply "mis-think"
Christ = God and man as One                        Death = Separation from God in your mind
Hell = Beliefs contrary to Truth                       Spirit = Truth
God = Spirit

Now, let's look at some old sayings and bible verses with the above words more correctly

1) "Whoever sins dies." = "Whoever mis-thinks separates themselves from God in their mind."
2) "The Law of Sin and Death." = "The law of mis-thinking and separation."
3) "Repent and believe in Christ and you will receive the Holy Spirit." = "Change your mind and
believe you are one with God and you will receive the Truth."
4) "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation for all who
= "I am not ashamed of the good news of God and man as one, for it is the power of
pirit for the renewing of the mind for all who believe the Truth."

The I Am
"I Am" means to me, that everything that is true
is Spirit.  Everything that exists is taking place
in Spirit.  Another way to say it may be, "nothing that exists can exist outside of Spirit."  God is
the life-giving force within all. Therefore, in some way everything that Spirit or a part of the
whole.  Many biblical passages support this such as,
"all things consist, by and through Him,"
"(God) in all and through you all," and "we live, move and have our being in Him." Anything less
and our beliefs are limited; our God is too small and in a box.  Mankind cannot limit God
although he has tried and still today tries to do so.  God cannot be limited, for Jesus stated
concerning Spirit and the ability to save mankind that, "the things that are impossible with men
are possible with God." "I Am" means "God just is."  As far as one can imagine or look out,
Spirit  is beyond that very comprehension.  Spirit is truly everything that is real.  We are the
Divine Spirit's body...physical manifestations of the very life-force within...all a part of the very
whole...powerful and limitless; for the One in whom we dwell is limitless and all powerful.  Can
we believe this?  Can we connect with Spirit from within our very being?  Jesus seemed to think
and demonstrate so:
"that they may be One as we are One...I in them and thou in me..." God is
and we are spirit.  Religious thinking put Jesus on the cross because he simply claimed, "I
and my Father are One."  "If you've seen me you've seen the Father."
When you come to that
revelation of your relationship and eternal making in Spirit, religious people will want to
crucify you, too.  People who are honestly searching for truth will hear what you say.  But, those
who want to protect their dogma or system of religion will desire to attack those who are a
danger to the very root of their false beliefs; and that root is fear.  They will call you an apostate;
a devil; a wolf.  Yet, they are the devils who bind the minds of people with fear-laden teachings.  
There is no fear in truth, hence, there is no fear in or of God.

"Let this mind be in is not robbery to be equal with God (to be One with Him)."  Jesus
asked Phillip, "Don't you believe I am in the Father and the Father is in me?  Jesus was
demonstrating what it looks like to know and live being One with the Divine Spirit.  "He that
believes in me, the works I do, he shall do also." Do you believe Jesus to be a portrait of who you
really are? Jesus showed us Spirit manifest in the flesh is mankind as one with God.  You need
only believe that
it is finished and look within for the relationship...communion with your heavenly
Father who is the Divine Spirit.
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"The very word god
immediately implies
to many that we are
separate from the
Divine Spirit.

Examine your
thinking.  Do you
look to an outer god
for help...for
salvation from
physically outside of

Do you perceive this
god you put your
hope in as being
someone to fear (for
some people)?  If so,
your god is an idol
and not the Spirit of
love, joy and peace
that all dwell within."
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