Jesus Teaching
Want to learn more
about what was likely
the real message of
the man Jesus, as
well as find freedom
from fearful Christian
ideas & teachings?

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Jesus Religion and
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doctrines are illogical
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Jesus Religion: A Critical Examination of Christian Insanity
Jesus Teaching

I first would like to list some of the false teaching concerning Jesus that permeates
much of Christianity today.  These ideas were created through early Orthodox Christian
leaders, who formed the religion that evolved into the various denominations we know
today; but were never the teaching of Jesus.

Therefore, it is important to understand that today's Christian doctrines falsely promote:

Jesus teaching condemnation.
Jesus teaching division.
Jesus teaching original sin.
Jesus teaching eternal punishment in hell.
Jesus teaching that the Bible is the word of God.
Jesus teaching he was a blood sacrifice for sins.
Jesus teaching the idea of a triune god, known as "The Trinity."
Jesus teaching he was a deity.
Jesus teaching disciples to establish a religion.

Let us understand that when Jesus spoke, his teaching was conveyed through
parables.  Parables are simple stories that convey a hidden teaching of truth.  The
parables were passed down by word of mouth called “oral tradition.”  These parables
containing Jesus' teaching were preserved by Orthodox Christian writers, many of which
can be found in the New Testament.  Astoundingly, the people who preserved Jesus'
teaching did not understand that the parables spoke against their religious ideas.

Jesus' teaching has been twisted by mistakenly interpreting his parables literally instead
of metaphorically.  Fearful Christian doctrines were formed and the Bible is used as a
method of enforcing erroneous teaching.  Though this has occurred, I want to suggest
that these writings can be understood in a new light to reveal a timeless message of:

Jesus teaching we should love all, and we are connected.
Jesus teaching against division.
Jesus teaching we were not born inherently bad, but eternal.
Jesus teaching hell is a state of mind, not a place.
Jesus teaching we are not to follow a book, but the Spirit.
Jesus teaching against blood sacrifice.
Jesus teaching against the ideas of religion.
Jesus teaching that all of us are one with God.

It is time for the ideas of religion to come down from within the mind of humanity, so that
we can come to the truth of who we are.  It it is time for the true Jesus teaching to come
forth instead of the promotion of the "Jesus Religion" many have been following.

Jesus' timeless message begins here:
“The Kingdom of God is within you.”

- Louis Charles (author of the book Jesus Religion)