John Hagee ...Ministries
Preacher John Hagee has come on the scenes of radical christianity in the last decade or so
and has caused many to be on fire for God.  His methods of faith and prophesying have
thrown the religious a curveball.  And I believe John Hagee does hear God speaking to his

The problem John Hagee has had with christians not identifying with him, has not only been
his different styles of ministry, but religion itself.  I believe there is truth ringing in many of
his prophecies.  Religion has placed ideas of "who God is" in the minds of men and even in
those who do hear God speaking to them (such as Hagee).  The result?  A message from God
that is interpreted through religious ideas from men's minds.  In other words, a man who
loves God, such as John Hagee, can hear God speak to his heart, but then the process of
trying to understand what that message means, takes over.  And John Hagee's idea, or my
idea, or even another's idea of what that word from God means could be different.  I do not
think John Hagee is "missing" God; but I do think that John Hagee and all of us are guilty
of trying to put our own spin on the word received.

Let me ask you a question. Have you been to the edge with God, know He is there and
speaking to you, but still feel something is missing?  If so, do not feel alone.  I have been
there, too.  My name is "LC" and I have created a website to help those who want to go
further with God.  The problem is not that John Hagee or any other man of God has led you
astray; the problem is really religion needs undone in you, in me, and even in John Hagee.  
When that happens, a wonderful thing takes place: freedom in Christ!  The kingdom of God
begins to appear and we find that it is within us...
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