I feel it is important to answer that question since this website is entitled: "Break Down The Walls
Of Religion
."  Certainly I do not want to ever imply that "breaking down the walls of religion" is a
statement made in trying to deny the existence of God, for that is not this site's intention.  In fact,
it is our hope to point to God's very existence right in "your midst" (
in you!).

Webster's dictionary would define religion as, "the service and worship of God or the
supernatural."  My definition of religion is somewhat different.  To me,
religion is the man-made
attempt to reach God
; not unlike the tower built in Babel (Read the Book of Genesis) to try and
somehow climb up to where God supposedly exists.  Man always seems to see God as up, far
and away from himself; an old man with a white beard, perhaps sitting on a throne in a cloud.  He
sees God as someone who must be climbed up to; and if one is good enough he will enjoy his
blessing.  Religion always builds the same futile "
walls" of separation from God, by placing God
outside of mankind.  Religion continually says, "you are separate from God and you need to do
something about it."  
Religion is most easily identified when it brings fear, guilt and
condemnation in the name of God.
Today, many believe in a Jesus who brings condemnation,
guilt and fear.  I call this the man-made "
Jesus Religion."  What most today call "christianity"
was never Jesus' message or what he intended to be created in his name.

I believe the truth to be within all, witnessing to the fact that you are not separate from God.  
Simply, look within yourself and know that you and God are one, not separate.  Everything that
exists has to exist within God, who is the life giving power by which all things are sustained.  God
is Life is He not?  You can have a relationship with God by hearing Him for yourself within your
heart.  God is not a book, nor is He found within a building.  God is within patiently awaiting for
you to believe you can commune with Him.  Jesus proclaimed, "the kingdom of God is
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