Acquire The Fire
Back On Course
Backstage Pass
Mike Barber
Tommy Barnett
Dr. Carl Baugh
Believer's Voice of Victory
Diane Bish
Bishop Charles Blake
Bomb Shelter
Reinhard Bonnke
Bountiful Blessings
Steve Brock
Dean & Mary Brown
Del Way
Juanita Bynum
Kirk Cameron
Celebration Of Victory
Central Message
Changing Your Life
Changing Your World
Dr. Reginald Cherry
Cherub Wings
Dr. Mark Chironna
Christian World News
Circle Square
City Church
Kim Clement
Colby's Clubhouse
Bayless Conley
Kenneth Copeland
Covenant Church
Creative Connection
Creation in the 21st Century
Eastman Curtis
Damascus Roads
Davey & Goliath
Clifton Davis
Destiny TV
Greg Dickow
Doctor and the Word
Doctor to Doctor
Creflo Dollar
Jesse Duplantis
Dwight Thompson Ministries
Michael English
Ever Increasing Faith
Faithville Fast Forward
Dr. Mark Finley
Flying House
Pastor Jentezen Franklin
Frede Gaither
Steve & Lisa Gaither
God Chasers
God's News Behind The News
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Gospel Jubilee
Billy Graham
Greatest Heroes & Legends of
the Bible
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Nancy Harmon
Harvest - Greg Laurie
Mike & Kathy Hayes
Dr. Jack Hayford
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E.V. Hill
Benny Hinn
Richard & Marilyn Hogue
Hope Builders - Steve Brock
Hour Of Power
Larry Huch
In Touch Ministries
International Intelligence
It Is Written
Dr. Jack Van Impe
Bishop T.D. Jakes
Janice's Attic
Dr. David Jeremiah
Pastor John Hagee
Joy Junction
Dr. D. James Kennedy
Kids Against Crime
Kids Like You
Kingdom Connection
Knock Knock Show
Lakewood Church
James Langteaux
Greg Laurie
Carol Lawrence
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Leading The Way
Dr. Michael Youssef
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Life In The Word - Joyce Meyer
Life Today - Joyce Robison
Lifestyle Magazine
Hal Lindsey
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Love Special
Love Worth Finding
Ron Luce
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Precious Memories
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Take It By Force
Team Impact
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The 700 Club
The Awakening
The Coral Ridge Hour
The Dream Center
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Up On Melody Mountain
Ivan VanVuuren - Xtreme Life
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Del Way  
Weapons Of Power
Karen Wheaton
Winning In Life
Winning Way Pastor
Ed Young Sr.
TBN Network - Trinity Broadcasting Network
TV Ministry Programs
TBN, The Trinity Broadcasting Network, has many TV ministry programs to
offer its viewers.  I have listed most all of them to give you an idea of TBN's
reach. Just look at all the big name ministers and ministries on this Trinity
Broadcasting list.  But, is TBN doing its viewers a service or disservice?  The
Trinity Broadcasting Network does offer a plethora of different ministry
doctrines, from catholic to charismatic, but stands firmly upon fundamentalist
christian theology.  But what about new thought and universalism doctrines
that proclaim the salvation of all?  Why aren't these programs allowed to be
aired on Trinity Broadcasting's network?  Are the condemning and harmful
doctrines such as the "eternal hell" - fire and brimstone message, the "name it
and claim it" faith message, and the "Word of God" "make your bible a law
movement," better food for viewers from around the world who are starving for
more of God? TBN does at times have good messages come forth to its
viewers; I am not saying TBN is all bad.  But the Trinity Broadcasting Network
needs to allow Kingdom speakers stand before its TV cameras and proclaim
the truths of New Thought, such as, "The Kingdom Of God Is Within You;" the
universalism preterrist banner,"God will have all to be saved;" and "we should
follow the Holy Spirit (which IS God), not the bible as God in our lives."

This site is making a statement to those who are seeking to find answers
through TBN.  Trinity Broadcasting Network is never going to allow such
messages on air, such as I mentioned.  So, it is time for those who "have ears
to hear" to begin to move past the same old manmade doctrines and towards
truth which can only be found within, through the Holy Spirit.  To get started on
this new path and cease from further searching Trinity Broadcasting Network
for answers, simply click on any of the program listings, and visit
JesusReligion.Com.  JesusReligion.Com is a site not associated with Trinity
Broadcasting Network, but is a spiritual site devoted to freeing those bound by
traditional christian doctrines which are harmful and create guilt,
condemnation and fear.  Find freedom and peace within you.  Find the
message Jesus spoke two thousand years ago...but has been covered over
by a religion formed by men in Jesus' name.

Flee man-made religion and find peace and truth within you!

This website is not affiliated with Trinity Broadcasting Network or TBN.  
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Jesus Religion .Com